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In certain circumstances, an organisation must appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO), publish contact details for its DPO and communicate these details to a supervisory authority. An organisation may also appoint a DPO voluntarily.
Please complete this section if you wish to inform us of the details of your DPO , or change or update your DPO details.

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Article 37 of the GDPR provides that an organisation that is required to appoint a DPO must publish the contact details of its DPO and communicate this information to the Data Protection Commission. Where an organisation is updating its DPO details (eg where a previous DPO is being replaced by a new appointment), the advice of this Office is that the organisation should first publish the details of the new DPO appointment on its website, and then inform us of the change, providing us with a URL address at which the new DPO details can be found.

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